It all begins with a conversation.  Artists and collectors are connected by a web of association and it is through these conversations from seemingly disparate sources- whether it’s the person you first meet at a gallery opening, or an artist you accidentally find when conducting a Google search- that opens Pandora’s box.

In our interview with Hollis Brown Thornton, the Emerge featured artist in Issue 05,  we discovered the work of Kevin Zucker and Roberto Calbucci.  Through a strange set of circumstances my dad met Errol Antzis over ten years ago on eBay.  It is because of their friendship that have the opportunity to feature just a few guitars from Errol’s incredible collection.  Think contributor Brent Turner invited me to an artist dinner several years ago, and while I’m still unsure why I was invited in the first place I am fortunate to have met Brent.  Because of that dinner, Installation had the chance to meet Zakii for the brief period that he was visiting the US.   His stunning charcoal studies of the human form illuminated In Blank We Trust.  

If you have ever thought that the ambiguous entity known as the “art world” was too large to grasp, consider that it only takes one conversation to enter a labyrinth riddled with a cast of characters who will more often that not cross your path many times.