Over the past week, Issues 08 and 09 were written in New York City- Chelsea to be exact.  The trip presented an opportunity to meet several of the photographers featured in the 20+20 Photography Issue.  Before this week these artists existed as abstractions- as names in word files, email correspondences and sets of images.  No matter how many times I visit New York, I can never seem to understand its geography.  After several subway adventures and detours,  I managed to find every studio throughout the city and while all 20 artists weren’t available, I did my best to visit as many artists as I could.  When the artists learned that Installation became a weekly they all asked the same question, “how do you sleep?”

Issue 09 celebrates an experimentation across disciplines and begins with Emerge feature Daniel Barreto, an art student that we discovered on Tumblr.  Working in photography, illustration and gif renderings, Barreto considers the influence of the environment on the subject, just as we considered when creating 20+20.   Discover Chad Wys who appropriates imagery through technology to investigate traditional art practices.  Graphic designer Jayme Odgers shares his unusual collection of business cards that record much of his career and reinforce his fascination with language.   And in Think co-founder of The Art Book Review Sarah Williams explains why art publications still matter.

Thank you to the 20+20 photographers who graciously opened their doors to their studios to Installation Magazine.

Now back to Los Angeles.