Everyday materials, such as basalt stone, glass, copper, and terrazzo are beautifully hand-crafted into contemporary objects. Mexican design group Cooperativa Panorámica creates new identities for this collection of materials, exalting the objects’ “materiality” and enhancing their physical qualities.

The materials featured in this collection are those that grace the everyday lives of many Mexican people. From the basalt of molcajetes (traditional mortar used to prepare salsas) to terrazzo, most often found in laundry units where clothes is hand washed, Panoramica seeks to explore the possibility of giving these materials a new identity while highlighting their unique aesthetic beauty.


Wire frame trays, Materiality series ©Cooperativa Panoramica
Wire frame trays, Materiality series ©Cooperativa Panorámica


Hanging pot, Materiality series ©Cooperativa Panoramica
Terrazo Hanging pot, Materiality series ©Cooperativa Panorámica


Container set, Materiality series ©Collectiva Panoramica
Terrazo Container set, Materiality series ©Collectiva Panorámica


Bird feeder, Materiality series ©Cooperativa Panoramica
Terrazo Bird feeder, Materiality series ©Cooperativa Panorámica

Food container, Materiality series ©Cooperativa Panoramica
Glass Multipurpose Container, Materiality series ©Cooperativa Panorámica


Stool, Materiality series ©Cooperativa Panoramica
Basalt Stool, Materiality series ©Cooperativa Panorámica


All images ©Cooperativa Panorámica