• Issue 01 Foreword

    Installation Magazine was created because we felt that no other art magazine actually speaks to our generation, or gives emerging artists a voice that readers could hear. We inspire dialogues that transcend the “art world” and engage with those who are curious about what art actually is, or can be. Celebrating one year of Installation […]

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  • View, Point, Shoot

    “I had just discovered the Leica.  It became the extension of my eye, and I have never been separated from it since I found it.” By Garet Field-Sells    Henri Cartier-Bresson exclaimed about the camera system he used to aid in his intuition, sensibility, and understanding of his subjects.  Developing as a young cinematography artist, […]

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  • Leadapron: Something to Hold Onto

    Purveyor of rare books and artworks, LEADAPRON is the destination to uncover titles culture vultures crave and likely never knew existed.  Owner Jonathan Brown shares some of the gems in his collection with Installation Magazine. All images © of LEADAPRON

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  • Amir H. Fallah: Back in the Artist’s Hands

    Amir H. Fallah tells us how he’s changing Portraiture and opens up about his artistic process. The founder of Beautiful/Decay reflects on the evolution of his artistic growth, which is rooted in Death Metal, skateboarding and graffiti.  While he maintains a focus on his artwork, the ‘zine that he started in 1996 has functioned like […]

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  • Lost Midas: Electro Vision

    LA’s Lost Midas builds audio texture with digital analogue. It’s a weekday afternoon and we find ourselves in a makeshift basement recording studio doubling as a humble and intimate apartment off the Sunset Strip.  The city noise outside grows dim and distant, muffled by egg crate foam adhered at various degrees on the low ceiling. […]

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  • Blythe Projects: Going NO+MAD

    Hillary Metz, founder and director of Blythe Projects, describes her decision to break away from the traditional brick and mortar and adopt a nomadic approach.  She hit the road and has never looked back. Under torrential El Niño rains in November 2009, I opened Blythe Projects in a 3200 square foot gallery space in Culver […]

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