• The Virtual Gallery

    Changes in the urban infrastructure have forced some galleries to close their doors and open virtual portals.   It’s hard to say how many times I have scribbled my email address in a gallery’s little black book during visits over the years.  Over this period of time I have also created several email accounts, so […]

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  • Claressinka Anderson: An Assault on the Senses

    Installation speaks with Glasgow duo Craig Little and Blake Whitehead of littlewhitehead about their upcoming solo exhibition.  Unfinished Business is their second show with Marine Contemporary and we’re offering a preview of the the work before the opening on May 23.  Gallerist and owner Claressinka Anderson discusses the evolution of their process and what drew […]

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  • Intellectual Property Prints: We’re Not Making Posters Here– We’re Making Art

    “The World’s Most Adorable Art Critic” Daniel Rolnik curates THE PRINT POP COLLECTION the first pop-up in the 34-year history of the Venice Art Walk.  Visitors pay an admission fee for a wristband and a map that allows them to explore artists’ studios, take architectural tours and attend a silent auction.  On Sunday, May 19, […]

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  • David O’Malley: Drifting in Splendid Isolation

    Like astronauts who explore to the ends of the galaxy, an artist’s journey is filled with a similar degree of isolation, uncertainty, and mystery.  Art and space science are channels through which David O’Malley relates to his London environ of eight million strangers.  His canvases convey infinite possibilities breaking through the void of quotidian drudgery. […]

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  • Issue 10 Foreword

    This week we have reached our double numbers.  10 weeks ago Installation made the decision to change our editorial calendar in a big way and transition from a quarterly to a weekly publication.  Our readers wanted more Installation more often, and we really took their request to heart.  Our commitment to publishing original content that […]

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  • Kyle Fitzpatrick: A Well-Manicured Distraction

    Editor of Los Angeles I’m Yours Kyle Fitzpatrick takes a walk through one of the cities most anomalous destinations.  The Beverly Gardens park resists the definition of a traditional “park” because it’s a place to look and not touch; its manicured lawns are home to prized sculptures that are slowly decaying in the California sun. […]

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