• scoreAscore: A Sound Business

    Native Angeleno Jordan Passman, CEO and Founder of scoreAscore is redefining the sonic marketplace one original track at a time.  It all started when he realized that a creative population of musicians and composers not represented by agencies were grossly underserved.  Talent was turning to Craigslist- an online resource not adequately suited for music- to […]

    A. Moret One response August 23, 2013
  • Surf’s Up Curated by Paddle8

    Installation covets surf culture.  Perhaps it’s because our office is only a few miles from the Santa Monica beach, or maybe it’s because our debut issue celebrated California– the birthplace of skateboarding and a leading surfing capital.  We’re pleased to collaborate with online auction house Paddle8 this week as they celebrate the end of the […]

    Paddle8 No responses August 23, 2013
  • Mat Chivers: Conflicting Notions of Fact and Fiction

    As part of an ongoing series of works on paper collectively entitled Perceptual Ecology, Mat Chivers has been making drawings that result from the mirroring and combination of self-made and found photographic images, film and CAD renderings.  A seasoned participant of the Venice Biennale, Chivers develops an intricate narrative and intriguing process to create complex […]

    Mat Chivers No responses August 23, 2013
  • Adam Amengual: Shutter Memories

    Over the past decade Brooklyn based photographer Adam Amengual has used his camera to connect with those who have crossed his path.  Amengual’s style is raw and aims to connect the viewer and subject by exposing the humanity in his subjects and embracing the stories they tell.  Amengual looks back on a selection of his […]

    Adam Amengual No responses August 23, 2013
  • A+R Presents: Audiophile

    As curators of global design, A+R presents a collection of gadgets to expand your sonic possibilities and to turn your listening experience “up to 11.” A piece of audio equipment should look as beautiful as the sound it produces. Consciously Sound | Singgih Kartono’s Magno Micro Wooden Radio MiKRO Bring back the romanticism of the radio […]

    Installation Magazine No responses August 23, 2013
  • Trafaria Praia: On the Waterfront

    THE PORT CITY OF LISBON AND THE CACILHEIROS Lisbon is a major European port city.  The ship, the Trafaria Praia is a “cacilheiro,” or Lisbon ferry.  The cacilheiros connect the two banks of the River Tagus.  Their customers are primarily commuters who live in Lisbon’s industrial southern suburbs—historically one of the most unionized regions of […]

    Miguel Amado 2 responses August 23, 2013