• Kirsten Berg: (In)Visible at Burning Man

    Building art at Burning Man is like a pilgrimage: the suspension of day-to-day life and livelihood to embark upon a journey entailing arduous work, and self-reliance in a harsh environment, to create art that is installed for a mere week is done as a labor of love and dedication. (In)Visible is my third large-scale installation. […]

    Kirsten Berg No responses September 13, 2013
  • The Evolutions of United Nude

    During the past 25 issues Installation has collaborated with artists, writers, designers, and vanguards to make contemporary art a source of continued inspiration and conversation.  United Nude fosters a daring creative spirit and works with designers to transform innovative concepts into elegant, sophisticated and sublime artisanal shoes.  Discover the evolution of three recent United Nude Collaborations […]

    Installation Magazine No responses September 13, 2013
  • LA Emerging Artists Curated by The Tappan Collective

    Los Angeles is a fascinating place.  It adapts to every denizen effortlessly, but its essence is hidden in layers—behind trends and plasticity, it carries the element of surprise.  Tappan Collective artists living and working here explore the crux of the city by isolating fleeting moments and ordinary objects with stunning perspective and quiet reverence.  With […]

    The Tappan Collective No responses September 13, 2013
  • Yeonju Sung’s Second Nature

    Art Merge Lab presents Second Nature: New Work by Yeonju Sung showcasing ten of the artist’s deceptively complex photographic prints and projections. This body of work started with an apple skin.  I was watching my mother as she peeled apples and was fascinated by the way she was able to peel the whole apple in […]

    Art Merge Lab No responses September 13, 2013
  • Jason Knight’s Dead Man’s Curve

    Los Angeles is a culture driven by the automobile.  Jason Knight‘s photo series titled Dead Man’s Curve, documents a vehicular graveyard off Mulholland Drive.  Despite or perhaps because of the metal carnage, an environ dense in flora and fauna thrive. Force Stop.  Responding to rumors of cars dotting the hillside, I had spent two days looking […]

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