• Lisa Adams: An Evolving Practice

    My first official assignment as a writer sent me to Downtown, Los Angeles at the Santa Fe Artist Colony to interview Lisa Adams.  It was the winter of 2008, nearly five years exactly that I met Lisa for the first time.  She had just applied spray paint to a large work titled We Destroyed the […]

    A. Moret No responses December 7, 2013
  • Experience the Performance of Marco Donnarumma

    Marco Donnarumma pushes boundaries.  The performer uses his body to express thoughts, sentiments and fears. What your body can do? It can breathe, sweat, pulsate, bleed, cry, jump, walk and run, stay still, wait, think, feel and perceive, see, touch, smell, read, write and learn, communicate, surprise, seduce, entertain, love, die and become ashes.  Action, sensation, […]

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  • Antonin Fourneau Imagines Water Light Graffiti

    Inspired by the fluidity and possibility of water, Antonin Fourneau conceived and created Water Light Graffiti.  The installation celebrates the matter that we are all made up of and embraces the possibilities that lie within nature. I am an artist or designer or inventor.  I’m an electronic enthusiast and I like to play Dr. Frankenstein with […]

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  • No Borders at Istanbul Design Week

    The participating designers include Annina Gähwiller, Bilge Nur Saltik, Dagny Rewera, Diana Simpson Hernandez, Jule Waibel, Lina Patsiou, Lucy Norman and Rive-Roshan.  The influence of the cultural background of each individual designer is reflected in their work, drawing inspiration from nature, science, culture, personal journeys and human behavior.  The common aim to tell stories through design […]

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  • Tony Taj’s Ambient Media Portal (AMP) Fuses Painting and Technology

    Tony Taj fuses art and technological application.  His practice reconsiders the traditional artist tools and along with acrylic paint and canvas, Taj has introduced the Ambient Media Portal, a technology that activates painting into an immersive experience.   Implementing acrylics encrypted with a QR code, the viewer can now lose himself inside the dimensionality of the […]

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  • Sarah Frost: Technological Particles

    Sarah Frost is interested in the history of objects and structures.  Using found materials her work explores diverse themes, such as the desire for human connectivity and the tension between individuals and whole systems.  The installations are site-specific, taking inspiration from the built environment they are situated within.  They consist of large-scale, immersive accumulations of small, individualized […]

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