• Art Apps Worth Collecting: Wonder PL

    Installation Magazine champions artful ideas produced for mobile technology; from smartphones to tablets, to any platform that facilitates a lifestyle influenced by contemporary art and design.  We had the pleasure to meet the team behind Wonder PL at VOLTA NY, a beautiful new offering that showcases curated, original video content.  With initial partners like The Museum […]

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  • Jürgen Wolf at VOLTA NY

      The sea by Jürgen Wolf  (translated from German by Marlen Tischer) She absolutely wants to read a story written by me about the sea. I asked her, she said she wants to read a story about the sea or heard her saying, maybe she hears while reading. Anyways I know she wants a story about […]

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  • Josh Dorman at VOLTA NY

      In my work I am constantly wandering, seeking form echoes, contrasting ideas– from the biological to the mechanical. Spaces, scale and meaning can shift within moments and within centimeters on the canvas.  For better or worse, as my brain moves between thoughts, I follow them with paint and bits of collage.  My works are […]

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  • Llyn Foulkes One Man Band

    Directed by Tamar Halpern and Chris Quilty, the documentary follows the Los Angeles based artist and musician over the duration of seven years before his retrospective at the Hammer Museum.  The film will debut at the NY Film Forum May 7-14 and at the Laemmle Theatres in Los Angeles May 16-22.  Stay tuned for our […]

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  • Adele Mills: Parallax Gap

    A photograph is just a flat surface it does not give enough or reveal enough- I want to get inside the image.  Photography has always disappointed me.  I have always wanted it to be more.  It promises an intimate return of a memory but it cannot fully deliver on that promise.  My frustration got me […]

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  • The Current Sea: GIF of Fools I

    April is the month of fools, and we can think of no better way to celebrate than with the pinnacle of Internet ephemera: The Animated GIF. The Current Sea is a GIF design team in Los Angeles that focuses on the confluence of the Analog and the Digital. They create whimsical digital chimeras, often employing Analog […]

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