Issue 01  /  Hillary Metz: Blythe Projects Going Nomad

Hillary Metz, founder and director of Blythe Projects, describes her decision to break away from the traditional brick and mortar and adopt a nomadic approach.  She hit the road and has never looked back.


Issue 05  /  Lisa Adams: The Day the Shade Came Down

After emergency surgery, painter Lisa Adams temporarily lost her sight but gained a new vision after a long recovery.  Her solo exhibition Second Life is on view at CB1 Gallery from April 7-May 12.


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Issue 07  /  Brent Turner: The Value of Perception

As a brand strategist for the arts at Campbell’s, Brent Turner explores a facet of the art world that many of us never consider.


Issue 10  /  Kyle Fitzpatrick: A Well Manicured Distraction

Editor of Los Angeles I’m Yours Kyle Fitzpatrick takes a walk through one of the cities most anomalous destinations.  The Beverly Gardens park resists the definition of a traditional “park” because it’s a place to look and not touch; its manicured lawns are home to prized sculptures that are slowly decaying in the California sun.