• Hugh Holland: Asphalt Angels

    Installation Magzine: Skate Contest Spectators, Torrance (No. 62), 1975 immediately became one of our favorite images because it is so distinct from your other photographs taken from 1975 through 1978.  HUGH HOLLAND: It’s surprising to me.  I got thousands of pictures from those three years that were sitting in boxes for over thirty years.  Steve Crist, […]

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  • Los Angeles Street Art Grid

    While Art in the Streets at Geffen Contemporary MOCA has recently cast a national spotlight on what was once an underground world of street and graffiti art, Known Gallery has cultivated and exhibited works from those very artists all along, including influential artists RETNA, SABER and REVOK.  Giving street artists a voice and space to […]

    KnownGallery One response August 1, 2014
  • Gregory Siff Collaborates with Mercedes Benz for The Art of Elysium

    Installation gets an exclusive first look at Gregory Siff’s latest creation Breathing Black.  Using a 2014 Mercedes Benz G550 as a canvas, Siff painted the aluminum surface with Brushed Krink and Diamond Dust to create a moving work of art to raise awareness for the 7th Annual Pieces of Heaven auction benefiting The Art of Elysium.       When […]

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  • Leandro Erlich: Welcome to the Dalston House

    Something unusual is taking place in the streets of east London.  People are defying the laws of gravity, literally walking across the facade of a rather curious Victorian building.  Comfortably folded in the crevice of white framed windows, adults read leisurely while young children hang single handedly from the frame of the front door.  Ordinary […]

    A. Moret 2 responses July 12, 2013
  • Kyle Fitzpatrick: A Well-Manicured Distraction

    Editor of Los Angeles I’m Yours Kyle Fitzpatrick takes a walk through one of the cities most anomalous destinations.  The Beverly Gardens park resists the definition of a traditional “park” because it’s a place to look and not touch; its manicured lawns are home to prized sculptures that are slowly decaying in the California sun. […]

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  • Kid Zoom

    The “home” is our first “first”— where milestones of our development occur, where hearts are broken then mended, and family dinners occur every night like clockwork.  It is also the site where we develop a sense of trust about the world beyond the security of the home. Whether we’ve grown up in a “house” or […]

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