German designer Nils Frederking has created an unusual folding chair ideal for a small studio space.

Most often when a design appears simple, it’s purely an illusion.  Such is the case with the F3 folding chair.  Made of four sheets of laminated birch wood and connected by high-grade steel hinges, the distinctive geometric form is a chair when you want it and folds up when you don’t.  Ideal for stacking, 80 chairs can be stacked upright and only occupy one square meter of floor space.


Image of the F3 chair courtesy of Nils Frederking
The F3 folding chair


Featured image: the F3 folding chair.  All images courtesy of Nils Frederking

One thought on “Hide ‘n Go Seat

  1. Aesthetics + function = modern wonder. This is the perfect piece of furniture for any occasion, formal or informal.

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