• Alternative Limb Project: Extreme Extremity

    So often when we discuss art, we consider the work as the result of an artist’s gesture or understand the medium as being an extension of the artist’s hand.  In founding the Alternative Limb Project in 2011, Sophie De Oliveira Barata turned the conversation on its head and made the prosthetic hand (or leg) the […]

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  • John West: The Technology of Yesterday

    When John West picks up a camera, his eyes light up with a charming childlike innocence and wonderment.  Installation was invited inside West’s Los Angeles home to explore his extensive collection of stunning cameras including six Leicas, vintage flash bulbs, original user manuals sealed in Ziplock bags and unexposed film preserved in its original packaging. […]

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  • Rob Tarbell: Smoke Screen

    Installation Magazine: Your new body of work Smoke employs a complex, unusual and sophisticated method of taming and painting with smoke.  How did you develop this technique to achieve this unusual effect? Rob Tarbell: The smoke technique began around 2005 with a few ideas coming together to form a what if moment.  The first idea was a […]

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  • Dadu Shin: Born from Lead and Paper

    Illustrator Dadu Shin uses his pencil as a guiding tool to translate his visions onto paper. Installation Magazine: The best place to start is the beginning- how did your journey as an artist begin? Dadu Shin: Art runs on my mother’s side of the family so I was exposed to it at an early age. […]

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  • TurningArtist Gavin Bunner

    Issue 08 marks the conclusion of our collaboration with TurningArt.  This week we focus the TurningArt spotlight on Gavin Bunner. Installation Magazine: How did your journey as an artist begin? Gavin Bunner: As a child, I was really into newspaper comic strips, especially Calvin and Hobbes and The Far Side, so I started to draw my own […]

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  • Christopher Bucklow: The Guests

    Writer and photographer Christopher Bucklow’s series Guests features luminous, glowing figures.  He tells Installation about his innovative pinhole technique and the mythos and philosophy behind his work. The Guests are made of light.  What you see in these photographs is a blue sky with thousands of suns- a sky where all the suns swarm together […]

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