• Nandipha Mntambo: In Her Skin

    While the human form is absent in Nandipha Mntambo’s sculptures, the vestiges of its curves and lines remain in the fibrous memory of the cowhide. Using her own body as a mold, Mntambo creates sculptural forms that dramatically fuse the feminine body with a primal, animal skin. Mntambo’s technique is the subject of her first […]

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  • A Youthful Daze Presented by Christophe Guye Galerie

    THE YOUTH CODE! curated by Nathalie Herschdorfer at Christophe Guye Galerie examined the theme of “youth” through the lenses of 11 international photographers- Anoush Abrar (Switzerland/Iran), Jun Ahn (South Korea), Mike Brodie (USA), Denis Darzacq (France), Lucas Foglia (USA), Martine Fougeron (France/USA), Bill Henson (Australia), Ina Jang (South Korea), Margo Ovcharenko (Russia), Guillaume Simoneau (Canada), and […]

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  • Edward Cushenberry:
    Visions in Black and White

    I love black and white film and I try to use it as much as possible. There’s a certain mood and honesty in the grain and tonality that cannot be reproduced digitally.  Since graduating from Art Center College of Design, it has been harder for me to shoot and process the film.  As an alumnus, […]

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  • FriendsWithYou: At the Mall

    Installation’s Vanguard FriendsWithYou are always on the move, sharing their whimsical video animations, plush toys and inflatable sculptures.  Their design aesthetic brightens dark corners and invites viewers of all ages to immerse themselves inside a world of fantastical wonderment.  Their philosophy is perfectly aligned with The Arts Initiative, a new collective founded by Arthur Weiner, that […]

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  • Ina Jang: in the making (a+b+c)

    These images were shot yesterday, as of the moment I am writing this diary (August 28th 2013). For the past few months, I have been slowly working on a new body of work – besides the portraits series there is no there there.  Most times, the images are created indoors which naturally made me spend less […]

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  • Cardborigami: Gimme Shelter

    Cardborigami plans to raise awareness and end social injustices through good design. Founded in 2007 by Tina Hovsepian while she was a student at the USC School of Architecture, Cardborigami transforms 4’ x 7’ pieces of cardboard into portable housing solutions for the homeless.  In a recent recent event at the Callison Terrace in Santa […]

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