• Submergence by Squidsoup

    Installation first featured the multi-media collective Squidsoup when they installed their immersive light installation Submergence in Oslo Norway at the beginning of the year.  The installation has been rebuilt and is making its UK premiere.  Anthony Rowe, founder and creative describes Squidsoup as a slightly amorphous and fluid entity, and our roles overlap and are also […]

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  • WANT les Essentiels de la Vie

    WANT les Essentiels de la Vie draws inspiration from mid-century design and architecture.  Peruse the 2013 LookBook  and discover the Winter Autumn collection.  Wherever you may travel you’re certain to arrive in style.  

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  • Yuri Suzuki: Garden of Russolo

    Yuri Suzuki is taking over the soundscape of the V&A Digital Design Weekend in the UK this week.  An artist and sound designer, Suzuki has created a signature amplifier with electronics embedded within to transform ambient sound and the human voice into white noise.  His site-specific installations transform quotidian sounds into unique auditory experiences. Yuri Suzuki is an […]

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  • Everlane Snap Backpack

    So you need a backpack but not sure it can hold all of your stuff? Consider the Everlane Snap Backpack which can hold ten 20 oz water bottles, 12 Macbook Airs, 35 folded white t-shirts, and 42 Granny Smith Apples.  Everlane has got you and whatever is on your back covered.    

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  • Tesler+Mendelovitch’s Wooden Clutch

    In their quest to innovate new designs, Tesler+Mendelovitch introduces wood as textile.  Their wooden clutch bag is a functional, durable, and custom wearable fashion statement made of wood.  

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  • Miguel Endara: Stippling Effect

    Miguel Endara illuminates ink and paper with dimension, depth and precision through an intricate stippling technique. Benjaman Kyle Benjaman Kyle is a portrait of a man with no identity.  His name is the pseudonym adopted by Benjaman Kyle himself, who has dissociative amnesia.  He was discovered unconscious on August 31, 2004, and is believed to […]

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