• Txema Novelo’s Emerald, Sapphire and Gold

    Txema Novelo pays a great deal of attention to the space between the divine and the quotidian.  His current exhibition Emerald, Sapphire and Gold is guided by the anthems preached in alternative rock music, the mysticism of religion and altars that inspire prayer to a higher power- whether it’s to a deity, philosopher or a divine personal […]

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  • Minjae Lee’s Subconscious Compositions

    My work is just like meditation for me.  The basic principle of all my drawings is to illustrate fun and flowing compositions.  I try not to think about anything when I’m working because I like to immerse myself in the moment, I like to flow within the rhythm of the drawing.  As a result most […]

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  • The Comfort Zone of Tadao Cern

    Tadao Cern visits the beach and through the lens of camera discovers that the environment rids people of their inhibitions.  Capturing candid moments of men, women and children lounging on the sand, Cern makes intimate moments public in his series Comfort Zone.   I finished school with a masters degree in architecture but two years ago […]

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  • Best of Saatchi’s Best of 2013!

    Installation Magazine’s Creative Director Garet Field-Sells selects his favorite works by emerging artists showcased within the Saatchi Online Best of 2013 collection.  Sharing personal anecdotes about each work, Field-Sells curated this presentation in connection to the California landscape where he lives, works and collects art. Relja Penezic This work reminds me of countless drives up to […]

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