• TUUUM: Collecting for the Future

    Established this year in New York City, Tuuum is the first artist-run community for discovering, collecting and purchasing artwork.  Their name is not an acronym or abbreviation but a word that imitates a sound.  This single, onomatopoetic syllable was borrowed from the sound poem Zang Tumb Tuuum written by Italian Futurist Filippo Marinetti in 1914.  The […]

    Tuuum No responses August 16, 2013
  • Visual Arts Curated by Sedition

    Now you can take your art with you, wherever you may find yourself.  Created with the philosophy that works of art don’t have to be limited to fit inside the perimeters of a frame, London based Sedition offers collectors digital works of art that can be enjoyed on smartphones, tablets, computers and TV screens.  Founded […]

    Sedition One response August 16, 2013
  • PRAKTRIK: Practically Puzzling

    One can’t but feel as if they are being tested when they are faced with a complex set of instructions to assemble a piece of furniture.  Some people crumble under the pressure while those with a more pronounced right-brain thrive when  given the challenge to make something appear from nothing.  Bulgarian based design firm PRAKTRIK […]

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  • Global Women Project: Portraits of Change, Women Making A Difference

    PART TWO. Peter Frank, curator of the Global Women Project, shares his insight with Installation on the project and its founding artist, California-based Jennifer White Kuri. The Global Women Project is a work in progress of painted portraitures of influential women. Once complete it will be shown in its entirety, paintings and related materials, in […]

    Peter Frank 4 responses August 16, 2013
  • Off-ground: Adults at Play

    Amsterdam based designers Jair Straschnow and Gitte Nygaard approach public spaces through the wondrous curiosity of a child.  Why be confined to rigid seating designs when you can swing? In their public installation Off-ground on view this summer at DAC, Danish Architecture Centre and at Carlsberg City in Copenhagen the duo present a new approach […]

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  • Re-Ply: Minimal Recline

    It begins with a collection of corrugated cardboard that has been stacked, cut, laminated and molded and placed with as simple triangular steel base. The Re-Ply is the seating solution designed for Minimalists and those looking to leave a smaller carbon footprint. Recently funded on Kickstarter, the Re-Ply gives new life to recycled materials and […]

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