• Lorenz Potthast’s Decelerator Helmet

    Ever wish you could slow down the hands of time? Lorenz Potthast from Bremen, Germany has developed the prototype for a device that he calls the “Decelerator Helmet.”  A large, circular shiny globe helmet that he found on Ebay originally intended as a garden ornament has been expertly rigged with a camera and tablet interface.  Whoever wears the […]

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  • The Roof Garden Commission: Imran Qureshi

    There are few places in New York City where one feels as though they have a space of their own.  Overlooking the dense foliage of Central Park, the roof garden of the Metropolitan Museum of Art connects art and nature.  In our visit to the “Big Apple” last week, we had the opportunity to visit the […]

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  • Closed for Installation

    When planning a trip to an art mecca like New York City, one tries to fit as many gallery and museum exhibition visits into a few short days.  Inevitably a show will be sold out or unpredictable weather conditions may throw a wrench in the itinerary.  Rarely do we conceive of the possibility that we […]

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  • At the Pool: Dive In

    In a digital landscape defined by hyperconnectivity and “friends” accumulated on social media platforms, we are still very much alone contrary to our Facebook or Twitter profiles.  While these sites may encourage a connection of ideas they are limited to a life online.  Alex Capecelatro CEO and Founder of At the Pool realized that “we […]

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  • Danial Nord: Beyond the Box

    In his latest work No Exit, Los Angeles based artist Danial Nord blurs the boundaries of mass media by using artifacts of popular culture as his subject.  Utilizing LEDs and computers, Nord converts blockbuster films into raw audio-visual energy that drives his sculptural installation.  No Exit is currently on view as part of the California […]

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  • Arts ReSTORE LA: Westwood

    The streets of Westwood village are buzzing with artisans and craftsman who are occupying storefronts through November 24.  Westwood Village is a now a destination to purchase locally produced apparel,  jewelry, clothing and furniture.  Arts ReSTORE LA: Westwood  is a retail pop-up curated by the Hammer Museum that seeks to transform empty spaces into creative environments, and […]

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