• Maiko Gubler: Fab Fab

    Maiko Gubler is an artisan of digital fabrication, transforming 3D renderings into wearable works of art.  A visual artist based in Berlin, Gubler worked with digital modeling tools and colored gypsum to create her recent project of Gradient Bangles, which transforms virtual models into physical objects. I’m amazed that there is still an impression of […]

    Maiko Gubler One response August 9, 2013
  • Exquisite Corpse Presented by Gavin Brown’s Enteprise

    Los Angeles appears to me to be a place that is constantly made and remade in its own image by its inhabitants daily.  It is very young, very American, with a short memory and an open invitation to fantasy and invention.   Artist and co-curator of Made in Space Peter Harkawik describes the journey of […]

    Peter Harkawik No responses August 9, 2013
  • Worknest: Table of Contents

    Change your space as often as you change your ideas. Change your mood, change your desk with this Modular Desk “Worknest” designed by Wiktoria Lenart and customized by you.  (Okay, this is a bit of a tease since its not yet available in the United States)   All images courtesy of Worknest

    A. Moret No responses August 9, 2013
  • ICASTICA 1, The 2013 Project: Glocal Women

    PART ONE.  Peter Frank’s insight into ICASTICA’s inaugural exhibition, Glocal Women.  A cultural resurgence of the old Tuscan city (“local”) and the multicultural amalgam of women in art from around the world (“global”).  Next week Peter explores the works of Jennifer White Kuri the artist behind Global Women Project, a work in progress of painted […]

    Peter Frank One response August 9, 2013
  • The Foundations of Javier Marín

    The influence of Javier Marín echoes throughout Mexico City.  His sculptures have captivated an international audience and inspire a dialogue about the way viewers engage in public spaces.  With three decades of experience in the art world, Marín sees an opportunity to spark a new social dialogue.  The artist has funded and founded La Fundación […]

    Lily Duarte No responses August 9, 2013
  • Squarespace: Show Off Online

    Don’t let your work go stale on your desktop.  Enter Squarespace, the digital environment made for and by creators of thoughtful design. Here’s a way to take all of your hard work and show it off online.  Build and manage your website, generate sales and even go mobile with Squarespace.  Their 24/7 tech support is […]

    A. Moret One response August 9, 2013