Emerge, VOLTA NY

Ryan Martin at VOLTA NY

The paintings of San Francisco based Ryan Martin are hypnotic in their rich color and harken to the tradition when painters were inspired by a muse. His work captured our attention at VOLTA NY as it straddled the lines between an unapologetic imagination and fantastic vision.             Featured ...

Llyn Faulkes © Installation Magazine
Arts + Sciences, Vanguard

Llyn Foulkes One Man Band

Directed by Tamar Halpern and Chris Quilty, the documentary follows the Los Angeles based artist and musician over the duration of seven years before his retrospective at the Hammer Museum.  The film will debut at the NY Film Forum May 7-14 and at ...

Portrait Pop Up!

[Eye for An I] presents Gianni Arone

An adaptive creative process is fundamental to Gianni’s artistic practice. Works often begin with a singular image, texture, feeling or text and take shape naturally by way of channeling the hand/eye/mind that contains a sacred knowledge and un/common sense.  Favoring found materials, steeped ...

David Adey, Omega Man (Trillion Second Countdown) (detail), Russian-suplus nixie tubes, GPS receivers, custom electronics, 2.5" x 9.125", 2013
Arts + Sciences, Vanguard

David Adey: Hither and Yon

Delicately positioning cutouts suspended on equally fragile pins, the artist’s solo exhibition Hither and Yon presents work that studies remnants of popular culture like rare specimens.  The work also answers the question, “what happens when an artist and an actuary become friends?” A. Moret ...

Jürgen Wolf, No title, mixed media on wood, 23.5 x 15.5 x 4cm, 2013
Discover, VOLTA NY

Jürgen Wolf at VOLTA NY

  The sea by Jürgen Wolf  (translated from German by Marlen Tischer) She absolutely wants to read a story written by me about the sea. I asked her, she said she wants to read a story about the sea or heard her saying, maybe she hears ...


Best of Think 2013

Issue 01  /  Hillary Metz: Blythe Projects Going Nomad Hillary Metz, founder and director of Blythe Projects, describes her decision to break away from the traditional brick and mortar and adopt a nomadic approach.  She hit the road and has never looked back.   Issue 05  / ...


Robert Chamberlin at VOLTA NY0

Robert Chamberlin at VOLTA NY

  The work recently shown in VOLTA is a continuation of Chamberlin’s last exhibition Fill Me Up.  The exhibition featured a series of 108 heavily decorated porcelain vessels were displayed exploring the theme of desire.  The artist’s ...

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[An Eye for an I] presents Chris Otcasek0

[An Eye for an I] presents Chris Otcasek

Otcasek studied at the Columbus College of Art and Design (Columbus, OH) where he focused on painting and Art History.  Informed both by his traditional art background and 17 years as an Art Director and Lead Artist in ...

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The Anagram Movie Series: Still Movie by Txema Novelo0

The Anagram Movie Series: Still Movie by Txema Novelo

Divided in five complex chapters Still Movie is a union of many themes.  Exemplary of the contemporary way in which we access information through the internet – think time travel and infinite research possibilities, webs of ...

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The Current Sea: GIF of Fools III0

The Current Sea: GIF of Fools III

  Stereoscopic GIF is one of our specialties, and we delight in the Retrofuturism of using a 150+ year old photographic process to make Digital Art. Much of our work is created organically throughout our day-to-day life, ...

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The Season of Spring Has Arrived at Flower Pepper Gallery0

The Season of Spring Has Arrived at Flower Pepper Gallery

The “world’s most adorable art critic,” uber art fan and co-founder of Intellectual Property Prints has teamed up with Flower Pepper Gallery to bring the group exhibition The Season of Spring to life.  Opening on March ...

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Judy Gelles: The Fourth Grade Project0

Judy Gelles: The Fourth Grade Project

The combination of frontal and reverse portraits allowed for the development of both personal and universal stories.  The children are presented as individuals; however, their stories speak to greater pervasive truths and problems within our society. ...

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Nicolas Sassoon: Flood0

Nicolas Sassoon: Flood

Nicolas Sassoon, Flood. There’s plenty more where this comes from on Sassoon’s website. …read more Source: Art Fag City

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Poetics of Entropy: The Post-Suprematist Art of Mladen Stilinović0

Poetics of Entropy: The Post-Suprematist Art of Mladen Stilinović

The modern/contemporary subject tends to react to a “system” with a desire to change it, to undermine its order or escape its control. At the same time, the dominant system seems almost omnipotent, because the technology at its disposal is incommensurate with the forces and capabilities

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Vatican to Digitize 41 Million Pages of Ancient Manuscripts0

Vatican to Digitize 41 Million Pages of Ancient Manuscripts

Doors leading to the Salone Sistino, a reading room for printed books in the Vatican Apostolic Library (via Page from the Urbino Bible (via Library of Congress) The hallowed library has been stocking its bookshelves since 1541, when it was founded by Pope Nicholas V — you know,

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The Historic 0

The Historic “Real Estate Show” Returns

Rendering of the proposed Warhol Museum as part of the SPURA/Essex Crossing development (Image courtesy of http://untappedcities.com) The 1980 “Real Estate Show,” the seed which became ABC No Rio, will be making a comeback this month in four parts across the city. Part One opens tomorrow night

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Gentleman Next Door: Antonio G. Lauer, a.k.a. Tomislav Gotovac, and the Man Undressed in Times of Socialism0

Gentleman Next Door: Antonio G. Lauer, a.k.a. Tomislav Gotovac, and the Man Undressed in Times of Socialism

Tenderness, unburdened sentiments, and freedom are rarely found in the cinematographic spectrum of the 1950s. Arne Mattsson’s 1951 film One Summer of Happiness already assures us with its title that we are going to see something perishable. Just as the water of the lake where the

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Repetition-Compulsion: World-Historical Rhythms in Architecture0

Repetition-Compulsion: World-Historical Rhythms in Architecture

In studies of repetition blindness, it is unclear whether the failure to recognize recurring items in a sequence owes primarily to an inability to notice similarities the second time something appears. Conflicting evidence indicates that it could just as easily involve an inability to remember the

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Notes for a New Documentary0

Notes for a New Documentary

Tony Conrad, Yellow Movie 12/17/72 If, as Tony Conrad might have us suppose, a Movie is light and any marking of the passage of time, what is Documentary Cinema as a category? In fact, the Minimalist structural filmmaking practices of Conrad and others share concerns with documentary’s

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This 3D Printer Gives Tattoos0

This 3D Printer Gives Tattoos

If you’ve been yearning for a more precise hand to give you your next tattoo, a group of French students may have the answer: have a robot do it for you. Pierre Emm, Piotr Wedelka, and Johan da Silveira hacked a Makerbot 3D printer as part

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Real Live Painting in Britain0

Real Live Painting in Britain

Bruce McLean, “Some Cardboard Caro Cards with Henry plus Henry Barry Henry Barry and Constantin” (2010) BEXHILL-ON-SEA, England — Liveness is a difficult quality to prescribe in a work of art. But to borrow a at Tate Britain and A Bigger Splash: Painting After Performance at Tate

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Go Itami0

Go Itami

Photos by Go Itami. Tokyo, Japan. More below. …read more Source: Boom

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M83: Why Music is Contemporary Art31

M83: Why Music is Contemporary Art

While every member of the audience rose for Midnight City to dance and lose themselves in joy, the entire set brought you on a journey

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Benjamin Cook: My Art is in Your Hands7

Benjamin Cook: My Art is in Your Hands

The project I Give Up: My Art is in Your Hands came from the way that I interact with art.  Not living in a part

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20+20: The Photography Issue

David DiMichele0

David DiMichele

In the series Pseudo Documentation David DiMichele plays a game with his audience about the perception and reality of installations.  You would think that the title would be a dead giveaway, but a “pseudo documentation” of what ...

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In Blank We Trust

In Shaping the Future We Trust0

In Shaping the Future We Trust

Editor’s Letter   We often hear the word “trust” in quotidian culture as a way of conveying a promise.  Employed by advertising agencies, corporations, and the US government, “trust” has disintegrated into a sea of semantics tugged and ...

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Siri Kaur: Plates + Slides0

Siri Kaur: Plates + Slides

In a world beset by fear, war and the specter of ecological disaster, yearning for a safe haven has become part of everyday living.  Siri Kaur uses photography to suggest a poetic counter-world while acknowledging the ...

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