A Psychokinetic Child at Burning Man

For several years David Altair Karave has made the pilgrimage to Black Rock Desert, 120 miles north of Reno, Nevada, more commonly known as home to Burning Man. The week long festival of experimental happenings celebrate community and self-expression totally removed the outside world and free of distraction, the desert is devoid of inhibition and its barren soil acts as fertile creative ground. In 2013 Karave changed his role from...

Installation 26_Artist Xvala~Art Babies 03
SPECIAL ISSUE / California

Quam Odunsi: Stories from the Street

A glimpse of Los Angeles through the lens of filmmaker and photographer Quam Odunsi documents personages including artists, curators, gallery directors, owners and artwork at openings across town. Capturing on Polaroids and Fujiroids, Odunsi maintains that film is his best medium to archive faces, artwork, and moments. Andy Warhol photographed his Factory parties with a Big Shot Polaroid and Land Camera; Odunsi perpetuates the...

SPECIAL ISSUE / California

Lisa Adams: Location Unknown

The works of Lisa Adams are breathing entities that reconcile the remnants of a world walking the balance between decay and possibility.

A selection of work by VASA.
SPECIAL ISSUE / California

Visiting Vasa’s Studio

Long before I was able to connect the dots between art and context, I understood Vasa. As a child he was the man known only by his distinct first name who was responsible for creating the set of cubes on our living room table.

Siri Kaur, A Little Death, from the series Half of the Whole, 2007-2011 Image courtesy of the artist and Blythe Projects
SPECIAL ISSUE / California

Siri Kaur: Plates + Slides

In a world beset by fear, war and the specter of ecological disaster, yearning for a safe haven has become part of everyday living. Siri Kaur uses photography to suggest a poetic counter-world while acknowledging the abysmal and the uncanny lurking beneath the surface of utopian fantasies.

SUNSET ON SUNSET 55, 36" X 24" X 1.5", ACRYLIC ON CANVAS, 2004.
CALIFORNIA / California

Jay Brockman: Sunrise to Sunset

Beneath the humdrum hiccup of her worn city streets, and above hills billboards that hover like visions from the sky- Los Angeles speaks. For Jay Brockman, Los Angeles is nothing short of surreal, a destination that he playfully describes as a collision of “William Gibson meets Miami Vice.” His cityscape paintings reveal his obsession with Sunset Boulevard; a curiosity that sends him driving around Hollywood photographing street...

David Eddington, Tecun Uman (detail), metallic acrylic on cotton duck, 45 x 50", 2009.
SPECIAL ISSUE / California

David Eddington: Take Me to the River

David Eddington has always been fascinated by the intersection of the natural and industrial world. The moment where the concrete from the urban space ends and the river begins. The amalgamated contents of the river are evidence of this juxtaposition, as the river carries debris from the industrial world while collecting artifacts of nature that has managed to survive. Whether it is the Thames of his youth, the Amstel, the...

gold collection
SPECIAL ISSUE / California

All That Glitters is Gold

Installation Magazine selected ten art works from the Goldmine exhibition beginning with works from 1995, marking the year the Golds moved from Connecticut to California. We quickly learned that the golds are active members of Los Angeles' art scene, serving as fellows of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles and paying studio and gallery visits every moment they can. Their collection reiterates their desire to support emerging artists...


The Olympic Freeway Murals: Celebrating 30 Years0

The Olympic Freeway Murals: Celebrating 30 Years

LOS ANGELES, Aug., 2014 – In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the 1984 Olympic Freeway Murals, the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles (MCLA) brought together, for the first time since 1984, the original artists who created ...

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LOS ANGELES (August, 2014) — ACE Hotel Downtown LA is set to host THE SERIES, presented by NICOLE DISSON, who has curated an impressive group of LA’s finest in the fields of contemporary dance, music, performance, poetry ...

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Celebrating SMMoA's 10 Years of INCOGNITO with Dr. V. Joy Simmons0

Celebrating SMMoA’s 10 Years of INCOGNITO with Dr. V. Joy Simmons

The luminosity of the doors reflect her passion and commitment to the city of Los Angeles and its artists.  A radiologist, avid collector and advocate of the arts – her dedication to the art scene of ...

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A Psychokinetic Child at Burning Man0

A Psychokinetic Child at Burning Man

Installation:  How many years have you being attending Burning Man? David Altair Karave:  2013 was my third year, the first two years I just wondered in absolute Alice in Wonderland amazement.  You can walk without sleeping for ...

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Kick Start Cat Canyon in the Home Stretch2

Kick Start Cat Canyon in the Home Stretch

As our book addresses life philosophies for the Internet Age, we felt it important to write the book in the language of the Internet…there’s nothing that says “for the Internet” quite like a dancing Cat ...

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Judy Gelles: The Fourth Grade Project0

Judy Gelles: The Fourth Grade Project

The combination of frontal and reverse portraits allowed for the development of both personal and universal stories.  The children are presented as individuals; however, their stories speak to greater pervasive truths and problems within our society. ...

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Installation at VOLTA 10

Patrick Jacobs: An Architecture of Lenses0

Patrick Jacobs: An Architecture of Lenses

Patrick Jacobs intentionally blurs boundaries between the traditional artistic media of painting, sculpture and photography in his works. At the same time, they present the viewer with a spatial and perceptual conundrum; we are drawn into a space at once determinate and infinite, natural and contrived,

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Anthony Goicolea: An Unfolding Tableau0

Anthony Goicolea: An Unfolding Tableau

Anthony Goicolea continues to push his fantastic photographic tableaux, maneuvering from the wildly complex multiple self-portraits that he perfected in the previous decade to conceptual territories of displacement and alienation in unpopulated hybrid landscapes.

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Melanie Bonajo: Nature as a One Night Stand0

Melanie Bonajo: Nature as a One Night Stand

Captivated by concepts of the divine, Melanie Bonajo explores the spiritual emptiness of her generation through photographs, performances, and films. She questions our shifting relationship with nature and tries to understand existential questions by looking at our domestic situation and changes to humanity at large. Her

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Most Popular VOLTA 10 Features

Peter Funch: Connecting with a Disconnect0

Peter Funch: Connecting with a Disconnect

Peter Funch has established himself as a very respected contemporary art photographer. He just had his second solo exhibition at V1 Gallery in Copenhagen, and

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Kadar Brock: The Gesture of a Mark0

Kadar Brock: The Gesture of a Mark

Brooklyn-based abstraction alchemist Kadar Brock approaches his paintings as objects themselves, sanding and abrading them and extracting colorful remnants from old canvases as surface materials

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20+20: The Photography Issue

Richard Barnes0

Richard Barnes

Richard Barnes’s work captures the hidden environment of once wild animals forever preserved in great museum halls.  While the public can travel to their native land to see primates run free, those living in our urban ...

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In Blank We Trust

In Shaping the Future We Trust0

In Shaping the Future We Trust

Editor’s Letter   We often hear the word “trust” in quotidian culture as a way of conveying a promise.  Employed by advertising agencies, corporations, and the US government, “trust” has disintegrated into a sea of semantics tugged and ...

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Los Angeles Street Art Grid1

Los Angeles Street Art Grid

While Art in the Streets at Geffen Contemporary MOCA has recently cast a national spotlight on what was once an underground world of street and graffiti art, Known Gallery has cultivated and exhibited works from those ...

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