Eugene James Martin, Untitled, bamboo reed pen and ink on paper, ca. 9 3/4" x 8", 1981

Beta Pictoris Gallery

"Initiating a dialogue through the Visual Arts is one of the fundamental reasons why I love what I'm doing. The challenge of engaging a spectator, having a conversation about the work and its relevance, its impact on us and our society. Those are the conversations Beta Pictoris Gallery is interested in having."

Michael Pajon, The Sincerity of Death and Roses, mixed media collage on antique book covers, 19" x 16", 2014. Courtesy of Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans.

Jonathan Ferrera Gallery

My motto is 'If you don't go, you don't get.' I always embrace it and jump on a plane wherever it may take me ... the reason usually manifests itself.

Headshot Bahram Safinia

GalleryLOG: Faces of Art

GalleryLOG Founder & Managing Director, Bahram Safinia, speaks with Installation about his company's place within the international art community and the power of visual storytelling. "The fact that you are looking into the eyes of an artist when they are talking and every single nuance is there. The eyes tell everything. It is really about telling the story."


Nicholas Winter: Through a Lens in Basel

Looking beyond the window from his studio in Basel, photographer Nicholas Winter sees beyond the manicured streets below and channels a landscape derived from his own creation.

A selection of work by VASA.
SPECIAL ISSUE / California

Visiting Vasa’s Studio

Long before I was able to connect the dots between art and context, I understood Vasa. As a child he was the man known only by his distinct first name who was responsible for creating the set of cubes on our living room table.


A Psychokinetic Child at Burning Man

For several years David Altair Karave has made the pilgrimage to Black Rock Desert, 120 miles north of Reno, Nevada, more commonly known as home to Burning Man. The week long festival of experimental happenings celebrate community and self-expression totally removed the outside world and free of distraction, the desert is devoid of inhibition and its barren soil acts as fertile creative ground. In 2013 Karave changed his role from...

Siri Kaur, A Little Death, from the series Half of the Whole, 2007-2011 Image courtesy of the artist and Blythe Projects
SPECIAL ISSUE / California

Siri Kaur: Plates + Slides

In a world beset by fear, war and the specter of ecological disaster, yearning for a safe haven has become part of everyday living. Siri Kaur uses photography to suggest a poetic counter-world while acknowledging the abysmal and the uncanny lurking beneath the surface of utopian fantasies.


The Olympic Freeway Murals: Celebrating 30 Years0

The Olympic Freeway Murals: Celebrating 30 Years

LOS ANGELES, Aug., 2014 – In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the 1984 Olympic Freeway Murals, the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles (MCLA) brought together, for the first time since 1984, the original artists who created ...

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Todd Pavlisko: The Mathematics of a Bullet0

Todd Pavlisko: The Mathematics of a Bullet

For Todd Pavlisko’s solo exhibition at the Cincinnati Art Museum titled Crown, the artist was granted permission from the City Council of Cincinnati and the museum to create a work within the museum with a sniper ...

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Celebrating SMMoA's 10 Years of INCOGNITO with Dr. V. Joy Simmons0

Celebrating SMMoA’s 10 Years of INCOGNITO with Dr. V. Joy Simmons

The luminosity of the doors reflect her passion and commitment to the city of Los Angeles and its artists.  A radiologist, avid collector and advocate of the arts – her dedication to the art scene of ...

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A Psychokinetic Child at Burning Man0

A Psychokinetic Child at Burning Man

Installation:  How many years have you being attending Burning Man? David Altair Karave:  2013 was my third year, the first two years I just wondered in absolute Alice in Wonderland amazement.  You can walk without sleeping for ...

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Kick Start Cat Canyon in the Home Stretch2

Kick Start Cat Canyon in the Home Stretch

As our book addresses life philosophies for the Internet Age, we felt it important to write the book in the language of the Internet…there’s nothing that says “for the Internet” quite like a dancing Cat ...

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Judy Gelles: The Fourth Grade Project0

Judy Gelles: The Fourth Grade Project

The combination of frontal and reverse portraits allowed for the development of both personal and universal stories.  The children are presented as individuals; however, their stories speak to greater pervasive truths and problems within our society. ...

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LOS ANGELES (August, 2014) — ACE Hotel Downtown LA is set to host THE SERIES, presented by NICOLE DISSON, who has curated an impressive group of LA’s finest in the fields of contemporary dance, music, performance, poetry and visual art to perform original pieces on the hotel’s

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Lisa Adams in Conversation0

Lisa Adams in Conversation

The artist’s studio is a fortress of soliitude, loneliness, temporary creative blindness and shimmering lights of wonder. Installation Magazine sat down with Lisa Adams in Downtown Los Angeles and discussed the challenges faced being an artist without an assistant, a single practitioner at the helm of

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Lisa Adams:  As It Appears To Be0

Lisa Adams: As It Appears To Be

Join Los Angeles artist Lisa Adams and filmmaker Juri Koll for the special one-night premiere of Lisa Adams:  As it Appears to Be today Friday, June 6.  The Crest Theater will present an exclusive screening of the film at 8pm in Westwood, just blocks away from the Hammer Museum.

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Sia, Daniel Askill, Ryan Heffington and Maddie Ziegler Elevate Chandeliers0

Sia, Daniel Askill, Ryan Heffington and Maddie Ziegler Elevate Chandeliers

“Chandelier” marks the first promotional single from Sia, the Australian singer/songwriter’s upcoming studio album, “1000 Forms of Fear.” The poignant songwriting by Sia and Jesse Shatkin setup an environment for emotional exploration expected from talents that have written #1 singles over and over again. While we may

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Banksy’s “Mobile Lovers” Found, Taken Down by Local Organization0

Banksy’s “Mobile Lovers” Found, Taken Down by Local Organization

Hours after a fan discovered the location of Banksy’s new magazine cover-evoking “mobile lovers” piece, the Broad Plains Boys Club, a nearby organization, pulled it down with a crowbar. “The new Banksy piece is being held in our club to prevent any vandalism or damage being

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Sculpture of Homeless Jesus Sparks Controversy0

Sculpture of Homeless Jesus Sparks Controversy

Timothy P. Schmalz, “Homeless Jesus” (screenshot via YouTube) When it comes to religious art, depictions of Jesus tend to feature him as saintly, reverential, floating above mere mortals or healing them with his touch (or he’s a baby). But a sculpture by artist Timothy P. Schmalz shows

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M83: Why Music is Contemporary Art31

M83: Why Music is Contemporary Art

While every member of the audience rose for Midnight City to dance and lose themselves in joy, the entire set brought you on a journey

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Emoji Bosch: The Garden of Earthly Delights Redux5

Emoji Bosch: The Garden of Earthly Delights Redux

Artist Carla Gannis made this very detailed recreation of one of the panels in Hieronymus Bosch 1503 triptych The Garden of Earthly Delights for Eyebeam’s

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20+20: The Photography Issue

Uta Barth0

Uta Barth

Uta Barth paints her photographs with light.  An intangible force that dictates composition, determines atmosphere, and manipulates interpretation.  The suggestion of her presence in the work is suggested by subtle shifts in light- a shadow cast ...

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In Blank We Trust

Paul Fraser: Collective Contributions0

Paul Fraser: Collective Contributions

The museum is a sacred space revered by its members for the privilege to engage in a dialogue with works of art.  Los Angeles based composer and sound designer Paul Fraser has reconsidered our relationship to ...

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Spencer Lowell:  The Urban Alchemist0

Spencer Lowell: The Urban Alchemist

  “The photographic method is like observation because you’re taking notes, forming hypothesis, bring samples back to the lab, you’re processing them and then you’re drawing conclusions and sharing what you find with people and essentially that’s ...

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